02-22-21 City Commission Vote Explanations

My vote explanations for last night’s City Commission meeting will be very brief, because there was very little on the agenda – in fact, at just 28 minutes in length, this may have been the shortest City Commission meeting I have ever attended since being elected in November 2019. Here is my explanation of my vote on the only agenda item that was not a routine appointment or Consent Agenda item:

Water Use Ordinance Review: YES, Passed 7-0

This was a common-sense vote to hire a law firm at minimal cost to the City (less than $10,000) to conduct a legal and technical review of our current water use ordinances in coordination with City staff – this is the same firm that recently completed a similar review of the City’s wastewater system and related ordinances, and I felt that they offered a high level of service and expertise at a fair price.  This will ensure that our ordinances and water distribution system are in compliance with all modern laws, standards, and regulations. This expenditure was already included in the FY 2021 City budget.